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Supply Chain Web Apps

OSCAR and OSCAR Lite are online web applications designed for healthcare executive, marketing and sales professionals. Both are robust healthcare data tools that make it easy to navigate a wide variety of healthcare supply chain related databases, both proprietary and public.


OSCAR is a robust advanced marketing and analysis software suite that includes a powerful customer segmentation tool, unlimited healthcare facility downloads, detailed metric reports, and detailed healthcare facility profiles.

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OSCAR Lite is designed for customer-facing executives. It’s intuitive interface allows you to easily define your territory by geo location. Like OSCAR, you can access over 500,000 facilities (GPOs, IDN/System/Chain, Hospitals, Acute & Non-Acute).

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Access over 500,000 healthcare facilities in both OSCAR and OSCAR Lite from any computer with an internet connection.

data cleaning

Data Cleansing/Matching

As the industry leader in healthcare data we have the solution to take your existing data and make it shine again.

When we get your company master database we identify potential problems (duplicate records, incorrect addresses, GPO Affiliations, etc), clean it, match it to our master database and return to you a highly polished data file.

1. You send us your data

2. We clean & match your data to the rest of the supply chain industry

3. You receive a clean database that you can use

4. You get quarterly updates* of the latest & greatest data

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StratCenter has more post-datafile-return options for you to gain competitive power than nearly every other resource combined.

These include Territory News, the MS Office document Auto-Build functionality in OSCAR, and our partnerships with reliable information resources like AMA, MCH and D&B/Hoovers.

*quarterly updates optional


Healthcare Organization Databases

We have comprehensive data on a variety of healthcare organizations and facilities, including:

StratCenter is a healthcare data company. We know and love working with this data. The databases we sell are for both the healthcare do-it-yourselfers and those with dedicated database teams.

All data is updated on a daily basis. For complete metrics of our data click here.

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Our Clients Include:


About Us

We are passionate about redefining the leading-edge of market insight in the healthcare supply chain industry. As the only integrated source of both Supplier and Provider data, our solutions allow healthcare companies to strategically approach sales and marketing using science for targeted and time-saving wins.

We are confident that you will not find better supply chain data products. No other data company offers the transparency that we do. Click here to view our data quality and completeness metrics.