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StratCenter is a privately held company headquartered near the state capital of Harrisburg, Pa, which has grown to serve over 10,000 licensed users and is endorsed by major healthcare companies such as MedAssets, Novation, MAGNET and ROI. Strategic partnerships include Global Health Exchange (GHX), the American Medical Association (AMA), and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B/Hoovers), which provides our clients with unparalleled market insight and the ONLY integrated source of both supplier and provider data and news.

Industry Involvement

StratCenter participates in or attends most of the major healthcare industry conferences and tradeshows nationwide such as GHX Supply Chain Summit, Federation of American Hospitals (FAH), Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI), IDN Summit, HIGPA, and many others. Come meet with us! Let us show you what StratCenter can help you achieve.

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With decades of experience in the healthcare supply chain industry and seeing a void in a means for connecting providers, suppliers, GPOs, executives, sales, and marketing professionals, we created Sign up is free.

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StratCenter is the data company to go to.
Steve Braun-Vice President, National Accounts / Hospira Worldwide, Inc.


Today’s market requires working smarter than the competition. OSCAR’s Market Penetration Tools make it easy!
Jeff King, Novation


OSCAR is an amazing, empowering tool for data.
Jim Dausch-Principal / NCI Consulting Services


Suppliers with access to OSCAR will clearly differentiate themselves from the competition quickly…
MARK MIRIANI, President, MedAssets Supply Chain Systems


OSCAR is a solid product that we use and I would endorse to any company looking to leverage their relationships within the top IDNs and GPOs in the marketplace.
Howard Lewis-Managing Partner / Medical Strategies International, LLC

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Katherine B Radomsky

VP, Market Intelligence

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Barb Larsen

Barb Larsen

VP, Market Intelligence

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Director of Information Technology

Craig Kelley

Director, Information Technology

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Kieran Conway

Kieran Conway

Director, Business Development

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Michele Plank

Customer Service

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Kerry Graham

Kerry Graham

Director, Business Development

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Our Story

StratCenter was founded in 2002 to provide the healthcare industry with a single point of access to the latest industry news, and to the most comprehensive sets of public and privately-held data on hospitals, IDNs, GPOs, and provider groups. To enable our clients to quickly and efficiently utilize this data treasure trove, we have developed a toolkit of easy-to-use, web-based applications. This toolkit enables and empowers our clients to actually apply the data they need to develop unique, effective, and targeted sales programs that really do increase sales, reduce costs and enable them to go to market more rapidly.

Patrick Michael Plummer, StratCenter’s founder and CEO, created The MAX online database, which he sold to Neoforma in 2000. He was publisher and editor of Major Account News and The Health Strategist, two of the most highly respected senior-level newsletters. As a pioneer and leader in understanding and using healthcare industry data, Patrick and StratCenter have gone beyond simply collecting news and data, to developing powerful, proprietary software that allows clients to easily manipulate and apply healthcare data to overcome common challenges. OSCAR is the name of our suite of easy-to-use software and tools that deliver big results at a reasonable cost and allow our clients to target significant customers quickly. Healthcare professionals need one central location for meaningful, relevant, industry information to go to Out-Smart, Out-Maneuver, and Out-Perform the competition. Work with StratCenter. Get the Power of O!

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