The true value of a Customer Match only begins with the return file by unlocking its incredible marketing power. The more options you have to tie-in this file to other market intelligence resources for your firms’ specific needs, the greater your strategic benefit. That just makes sense.

StratCenter delivers the most powerful post-match solutions in the industry by far. Utilizing StratCenter makes business sense.

StratCenter has more post-datafile-return options for you to gain competitive power than nearly every other resource combined. These include our Territory News, the MS Office document Auto-Build functionality from OSCAR, and our partnerships with information resources like GHX, AMA, and D&B/Hoovers, just to name a few.

Step 1: Send us your Customer Master

Step 2: Let StratCenter Clean & Match to the rest of the Industry

Step 3: Discovery & More Discovery. See what’s hidden & then discover more.

Step 4: FREE ongoing maintenance and upgrades to keep your windshield clean

If your customer master has duplicates, errors, and is missing random pieces of information, you’re missing an enormous opportunity to gain on your competitors. Using StratCenter, it’s so simple and inexpensive to fix this, that you can start to leverage the power of your data sooner and easier than you realized. Let StratCenter show you what you’ve been missing.

Contact StratCenter or call us at (877) OSCAR-01 today and see what’s hidden in YOUR customer data.