OSCAR is StratCenter’s Flagship Online Product that offers easy-to-use, 24/7 access to a vast repository of Customer Profiles, Segmentation Tools, and sales and marketing resources. OSCAR’s flexibility provides Solutions for your entire spectrum of Sales, Marketing and Support.

Consider the OSCAR Advantage:

  • Broad Industry Support. OSCAR is the only online database service ENDORSED by major GPOs
  • Supply Data Integration. OSCAR is the exclusive service for integrating GHX marketshare data
  • Expansive Partnerships. OSCAR is the only resource with prestigious third party relationships that can be integrated, e.g., Dun & Bradstreet/Hoovers, GHX, AMA, etc.
  • Market-Driven. There are more GPO subscribers to OSCAR than every other service combined.
  • Save Real Time with Practical, Actionable Downloads. OSCAR offers more MS Office downloads than every other service combined, saving you 100s of hours from creating these from scratch.
  • Never Outgrow. OSCAR is the only service that can integrate ANY data into a “for-your-eyes-only” custom solution when you need it. Integrate OSCAR services into your CRM.
  • Stay Current. OSCAR integrates more sources (4,500+) into its databases more frequently (ever 15 minutes) than any other source.

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